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Hey ladies! I'm trying to consolidate all my online entities (I have LJ, myspace, and my website coming soon) so I'm moving to blogspot. After my website is live, the blog will be incorporated into the site.

Until then, visit http://www.myurbanglamour.blogspot.com

I'm Gonna Be in a Magazine!!!

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Check out this issue of Exodus Magazine!

Exodus Magazine is an Urban Christian Magazine designed to give youth/young adults, ages 15-25 a Christian alternative that will be on their level. I styled Christian Soul artist Carmen Michelle (here's her myspace) shown here on the cover as well in the editorial spread. One of my blogs titled "Four Fabulous First Date 'Fits" will also be featured in the issue!!!!

Get your subscription to Exodus Magazine (only $12/yr!!!) at their site http://www.exodusmag.com. Check them out on myspace. The current background pic is also a pic of Carmen Michelle styled by me! I'll post all the pics as soon as I get them from Exodus' editor!!!

Four Fabulous First Date 'Fits

Ahhh, the first date. You've had your eye on this really cute guy and you two talk for a bit and before you know it he asks you out! You're on cloud 9 and in the days prior to your date, you imagine the two of you sitting across from each other in a dimly light super-swanky restaurant hand-in-hand. But then it dawns on you. WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR?!?!?!?!?

Have no fear. I've got you covered!

Let's get some ground rules covered before we go over our outfits.

1. This is a first date---emphasis on first. You want there to be a second and third date, right? Men are intrigued by a bit of mystery so we never want to visually give all the goods away with our ensemble. We want him to wonder what we have on underneath, so more is more!

2. Guys don't get major fashion trends, well most of them don't at least (and if you're guy is way into fashion trends, you may want to file him in the 'friends' category). So while those round toe Christian Louboutin pumps are all the rage amongst your circle of girlfriends, they won't necessarily bring the boys to the yard. Simple yet chic is best.

3. Comfort is key. If you have to constantly be tugging on your micro-mini, how will you ever be able to relax and have fun?

4. We're all proud of your vast Stila and MAC cosmetic collection and all, but bet on your date being less than thrilled to have your NC42 foundation smeared all over his jacket or getting a mouthful of your Lip Glaze when he reaches over to kiss you. With date makeup, less is more.

And now for the outfits!

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favorite online stores

Hi all,

I just came across the website for Pink Mascara from a banner ad. That led me to thinking: what online stores/boutiques do other women like to shop in? I rarely buy clothes (I just graduated) so I'm looking to expand my wardrobe in a few months. Lemme know what sites you like.

The ones I already know of (not necessarily can afford to shop at though!) are:


Thanks in advance!!

Sizzling Summer Beauty

Ahhh!!! The summer. The days get longer while your wardrobe gets shorter and shorter. And of course you want to look hot when it's hot out, but 90 degree weather can equate to frizzy hair, melted makeup, and oily skin.

Here's some tips on how to look cool in all this heat...

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Should You Invest in a Personal Stylist?

Check out this article and video here: http://ninemsn.video.msn.com/v/en-au/v.htm?f=39&g=d9ce021f-54eb-4950-a8dc-f20215db0d8b&p=aunews_auaca&t=m164&mediaid=28055


With a personal stylist, you can forget about making fashion blunders and throwing away cash on clothes you'll only wear once.

Once upon a time fashion stylists were only used by the rich and famous, but now they're being used by people who are time-poor and those who simply want help with their wardrobe.

"I go through with the clients what they're looking for and what I think they should buy, then I just take them around the shops and they get an outfit or a wardrobe they're really happy with," Fiona says.

Client Deanne Caroosee says using a stylist has improved her look dramatically. "It's the best thing I ever did. And I think everyone who's seen the clothes I bought would agree."

Stylist fees start from $150 per hour, which sounds like a lot, but Shop Til You Drop editor Kerri Alcorn says the average woman spends around $4000 a year on bad clothing buys, so it can actually work out as good value for money.

"In the long run they can help you save money because they're directing you to buy something you'll actually wear, something that fits in with what you already have in your existing wardrobe," Kerri says.

To schedule your own personal image consultation, contact me at danielle@myurbanglamour.com

Pic Spam!!!

Here's a slew of photos from a shoot done last month with Nasilele of Nasilele Photography. Makeup and styling all done by me.


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How do you improve your sense of style?

So I know what shapes I should be wearing for my body type. I have a few stores where I like to shop (mostly Lerner NY and Macy's, and LVLX for party tops). And I know what colors work best for my skin tone.

What's next?

How do I go from customized to fashionista? Ok maybe not fashionista... but a style that's unique and distinctive? Without breaking the bank, if that's possible. (is that possible? lol) I'm starting to think that maybe this isn't my 'thing', since I'm getting started at 27 and not 15.


For years, I've been using CoverGirl Clear Complesion in Tawny Fauve and it's good but now I want something with a little more coverage. I have oily acne prone skin and I don't want to use anything that will aggravate it. Also, I like that the Cover Girl has a cream to powder finish and I want something that has the same. What are your suggestions. The Tanwy Fauve is an excellent match for my skintone so I need something that offers that shade. Thanks in advance beauties!